Périgord gastronomy, a land of delicacies

The Dordogne produces numerous specialities: foie gras, truffles, wines, but also sturgeon, beer, confectionery, cheese…

What a wealth of tastes to discover during your stay at Le Carbonnier campsite. It’s time to discover the richness of Perigord gastronomy!

The foie gras of the Périgord

During your stay in the Périgord, you can buy the whole foie gras at the charming “Marchés au gras”, but also directly from the local producers. Many restaurants will also offer foie gras on their menu. Purchased raw, the whole foie gras can be eaten half-cooked or cooked, or simply pan-fried!

If you want to discover even more, there is a
Route du Foie Gras du Périgord
a special route, which will take you to meet producers and restaurateurs, while tasting certified products of Périgord origin.

The Truffle

The famous black diamond of the Périgord! The Périgord is today one of the most important trading centres in France. From December to March, you can visit one of the truffle markets in the region.

Whether in Sarlat, Périgueux, but also and especially Sorges, Sainte Alvère, or Thiviers, there is a lot of excitement about getting this famous mushroom.


Bergerac wines and spirits of the Périgord

From the vineyards of Bergerac and its famous Monbazillac, to the wine of Domme or the walnut wines, once again, the Périgord will delight your taste buds!


How can we talk about Périgord cheese without mentioning the famous Cabécou du Périgord, a testimony to a dynamic Caprine sector. Since 1992, Cabécou du Périgord must be made and matured in Périgord with goat’s milk produced in Périgord.

It is shaped like a small, thin, creamy puck with a pale yellow rind. It has sweet and very fine hazelnut aromas, something to enjoy without a doubt!

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